Annual summary

2017 will soon come to an end and we look back at the major events this year. In the first quarter we worked tirelessly on securing a cooperation between FVUab, Energiföretagen Sverige Energiforsk and Sinfra. Together, these organisations work as the so-called Innovation Engine, with the aim of accelerating the commercialisation of innovative technologies coming from Swedish universities.


We then welcomed a new project manager in the team, Linda Olsson. Previously working at Fortum Värme, and with a solid experience in operational and strategic planning, Linda has introduced industry knowledge into the projects we are currently working on.

We have been looking at data security issues and are currently working had to ensure our energy networks and water infrastructure have secure products and services.


We have also expanded the scope of our activity from District energy to include electricity and water infrastructure. Since this autumn we have started a cooperation with Svenskt Vatten, which we are convinced will benefit the entire branch going forward.


During 2017, there has been increased demand for FVUab’s knowledge and experience in the industry and we have been repeatedly invited to various events across Europe to discuss our work and Swedish infrastructure development. This has in turn helped form platforms for sharing best practice and knowhow with our peers and has stimulated the influx of new products and ideas onto the Swedish market. 


Sustainability had also been set as a priority this year and we worked to integrate it to all aspects of our business and placed it at the heart of all the projects we undertook. We aim to build on this year’s achievements in 2018.


We would like to thank all of our partners, suppliers, board as well as our steering group for their continued support!


We look forward to a very exciting 2018.

Happy holidays from the team at FVUab!