New material for relining approved for use in Sweden

FVUab together with NCC has worked to introduce new materials for relining water and sewage pipes in the Swedish market. The product is called PU liner and is well used in other parts of Europe, and now NCC intends to introduce this in Sweden. Substances that come in contact with food is usually tightly controlled to be classified as safe, but in Sweden there has been some confusion about which path is the right one in order to get an approval. NCC is investing heavily in their "no dig" solutions, and this is a step to develop their products in Sweden. PU liner has been used by NCC in Norway and so far they have completed approximately 29,000 meters in dimensions 150-500 mm. NCC in Norway has ongoing contracts with the City of Oslo and other major cable owners.


A technical examination has been carried out on the basis of existing information regarding material structure, installation method, environmental and sustainability impacts and references. The report the project resulted in, is founded to provide a summary of the method and material that can be used by water and sewage companies and municipalities that want to get a quick overview of the product. FVUab’s mission also consisted in getting the material approved for the Swedish market through certification company KIWA Sweden.


- It's great that we have so many different ways to help various companies with a way to quickly reach commercialization. In this case, we have assisted NCC to get a new relining material for water and sewage pipes a type approved for the Swedish market. In other cases, we make it through the test project, each case is unique, and this is yet another example of this, says Mikael Yabandeh, project manager at FVUab.


The project has led to that NCC received an approval certificate which allows them to begin their sales of PU liner with a demonstration that the material is approved for use in Sweden.