About FVUab


FVUab is an innovation company, whose aim is that from a global perspective, finding newly developed and upcoming technologies that can help utilities get a better and more sustainable business.


FVUab's long-term strategy is to contribute to sustainable and innovative development. Sustainable innovation must be sustainable in all aspects, both from an enviromental and CSR point of view as well as technical and economic perspective. The supply sector need sustainable, innovative technologies to meet the challenges, especially in old system and with the increasing demands for more efficient operations. 


See our brochure here. 


Trough the parent company, Sinfra, an oppertunity to commercialize the innovative solutions is possible trough a framework agreement with Sinfra. 


FVUab's business consists of three main activities:





  • Looking for innovations: FVUab is seeking for innovations globaly and collaborate in the development of new products, systems and services.


  • Tests: FVUab allows innovative products to be tested in full-scale systems of energy. We initate and operate tests in cooperation with energy companies and suppliers. 


  • Education: FVUab organizes courses and seminars, where new products and solutions are presented to various stakeholders. The aim is that as many people as possible get to share knowledge of new products and systems on the market.