Core values


Innovative, Competent and Driven is FVUab's core values that our brand is built on. Our core values describe what we stand for, our working methods, how we want to be perceived and what we want to accomplish. 


We create the future conditions for an innovative and sustainable society.


We pursue technology development forward and create new opportunities that will be commercialized to the energy industry. We understand the future innovation needs. We think outside the box and challange ourselves in our work. We dare to change the energy sector by drawing attention to new technology, new ideas, system solutions and effective business in the market. 



We encurage innovation and entrepreneurship. Our business is therefore characterized by competence among employees but also in our approach towards energy companies, suppliers and various stakeholders in the market, which creates a good basis for long-term relationship. Solid industry knowledge, opportunities for development and qualified employees with good skills helps us to continually improve our competence. 


We create and operate constantly in order to help develop the energy sector to a meeting of Innovation. This is based on a corporate culture where employees are aware that curiosity, creativity and innovative are cornestones of our work.