FVU have the requirement for suppliers to send e-invoices to reduce environmental impact, increase efficiency and quality.


Benefits for you to send e-invoices

  • You get paid faster because the lead time for the postal service can be neglected
  • You eliminate manual handling and the cost of paper invoices
  • Increased quality because existing information is reused with FVUab


How to get started
Do you already have an operator that handles e-invoices to your customers, you should contact them and notify them the FVUab electronic addresses listed below.

  • Corporate identity number: 556302-7530
  • GLN: 7365563027530
  • Operator: ReadSoft Expert Systems


If you don´t have an operator you can create free e-invoices to FVUab on www.fakturaportalen.se/sv/free.


When you start sending e-invoices
Notify by e-mail faktura@fvuab.se just before sending your first electronic invoice. Attach some of the invoices readable PDFs. During an initial phase, you can get a daily report via email so that you can ensure that your invoices are being received by us. If we detect systematic errors in your e-invoices we want you to resolve them up to within 8 business days.


Avoid transfer of invoices at fixed times to us. It is better that you transfer them continuously during the day.


Good to know

  • Keep in mind that a PDF invoice is not an electronic invoice.
  • FVU undertakes no costs for your introduction of e-invoices.


What should an e-invoice to the FVUab include?

The purpose of using e-invoices is to save time and improve the quality of information. Therefore it is important that your e-invoices always contain:

  • Client's name
  • Client's reference and/or order number