Sustainability is a natural part of FVUab's activities and is an important aspect of the product and services we are searching for development and testing. Sustainability for us affects all aspects, both environmental and CSR-related issues, such as technical and economic aspects. Current project must lead to increased efficiency as well as more sustainability system to meet the challenges the industry stand before. A key perspective for FVUab is the system perspective, it takes the whole system in consideration, because a single strong product doesn’t necessary means that the whole system benefits. 


Before the start of a new project FVUab creates an overview of the sustainability of the company we want to work with. The company in question gets to answer a survey where they are asked to describe their own sustainability work. They also have to sign a sustainability package including policy and Code of Conduct. These documents harmonize with Sinfras concept of sustainability to prepare for an eventual commercialization trough Sinfras procurement. The companies get a chance to work with these issues, if they haven’t before.


FVUab practice what we preach. In every choice we make in our daily work, sustainability is a natural part of it. All suppliers we work with in our internal work gets evaluated by the same criterial regarding sustainability.  


We are convinced that the greatest benefit we as a company can contribute to is to work with the right company, products and services that share our vision regarding sustainability and human rights.