Sustainability policy


FVU aims to improve industry to, among other things, drive innovation development.

As a coordinating force the FVUab act as an accelerator for the commercialization of new, innovative and competitive solutions to the energy industry.

FVUab's long-term strategy is to help the government set energy and climate change, and a sustainable and innovative society.


The concept of sustainability for FVUab means environmental, ethical and social sustainability, and also economic and technological sustainability.


Our policy:

We will through our actions be beneficial for the society. We strive to always do the best sustainable choices in our daily business and our operations will be infused by sustainability issues.


We work for a sustainable society by:

• Following the UN Global Compact initiative, both internally and in cooperation with our customers. This means that in all, we can influence our business:

• Respects Human Rights

• Promotes good working conditions

• Promotes reduction of environmental impact

• Rejects all forms of corruption, bribery and corruption.

• Have clear sustainability criteria in our business and a follow up plan.

• Living up to or exceed applicable laws and other requirements

• Continually strive for improvement through the interaction with our suppliers and test companies to reduce environmental impacts, prevent pollution and improve the durability of the products affected by our operations.

• Discrimination never accepted in recruitment procedures, in our everyday operations or partnerships with suppliers, industry etc.